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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

November 13, 2019

MountainTrotter Arts attended the November 12th, 2019 Radford City Council meeting to report on the September 28th Craft & Draft Festival during the public forum section of the meeting. Executive Director, Lauri Murphy, reported an abbreviated version:

We'd like to take a moment to thank Radford City and the Radford City Council for their continued support of Craft & Draft; we saw many of our council members and government employees at the event. Celebrating its five year anniversary, Craft & Draft was once again a big success. The biggest change for 2019 was Craft & Draft's new location - the 2019 event took place adjacent to the Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery, which received much excitement and appreciation from vendors & attendees alike.

With a large variety of vendors, Craft & Draft received positive feedback on the high quality of crafts and arts available. Many of the vendors drove upward of two hours to attend - with 30 vendors in attendance, the average distance traveled was 40 minutes. (We excluded both the nearest [5 minutes] and farthest [6 hours] distance in this average.) We had three participants come in from out of state. Along with the new location, Craft & Draft did have to limit the amount of vendors and food trucks that were able to participate and is brainstorming on how to expand the area for 2020.

Enjoying Craft & Draft 2019, a little rain didn't stop us!

Craft & Draft Festival saw around 1,200 in attendance, which is a decline from previous years. The event committee believes that was due to not only the new location, but also the weather, as the event did see a few thunderstorms roll through. Our volunteers, vendors, and dedicated patrons braved it out and still ended the day with a smile on their face! Our music coordinator, Lucinda McDermott Piro, knocked it out of the park this year with three amazing bands: Surrender Dorothy, Jimothy, and Brian Mesko ft. Jayna & Terry Brown. These bands were all well received by audience & vendor alike! For 2020, we'll be working on adjusting layout to allow more standing room in front of the stage & adjusting the sound for our vendor's comfort.

One of the highlights of this event is the Green Initiative taken by MountainTrotter Arts. The event boasted many recycling stations, a composting station (along with children's crafts) and limitations on plastic cups. Matthew Close of Radford University and the Three Sisters Project played a large role in this accomplishment. MountainTrotter Arts is aiming to go even more sustainable in 2020, with reusable metal tumblers and working alongside our food trucks and vendors to encourage the use of recycled or recyclable materials.

Craft & Draft was able to give $850 to Raft Crisis Hotline thanks in part to patron's kind donations and the event's profits. Craft & Draft has given a total of $5,600 back to the community over the past five years! Overall, the Craft & Draft Festival costs approximately $11,300 to run & organize. With the generosity of our event partners, Ball Park Signs, New River Rent-All, and the Radford Heritage Foundation, Craft & Draft was able to cut that cost to approximately $8.600 and again with our vendor fees, event sponsors, and reimbursements a further $3,700. This left MountainTrotter Arts responsible for approximately $5,000. The event raised approximately $6,500, with the promise of a donation to Raft Crisis Hotline. We were able to present $850 to Raft Crisis Hotline from the event - with a little over $700 in the front gate donation jar and 10% of MountainTrotter's profits. Thank you to our event sponsors: Radford Coffee Co, Colley Architects, Bart Castleberry, realtor, Bondurant Realty, Ameriprise Financial, ElevenWest, Belinda Blodgett Farmers Insurance)

MountainTrotter Arts presented $850 to Raft Crisis Hotline - aprox $700 collected from the event donation jar along with 10% of the event's profits.

Craft & Draft Festival had a successful event in 2019 and is looking forward to hosting the event again in 2020 at the grassy field adjacent to Glencoe Mansion. MountainTrotter Arts is looking forward to the possibility of growth, partnerships, and continuing to create like events throughout the year. The Craft & Draft team is a dedicated group of volunteers, who work hundreds of hours throughout the year collectively to create, organize, and run this event - we could not do it without them! We'd like to send a big Thank You to Radford City PD, Radford City Public Works, and to our hired service providers for helping this event run so smoothly.

MountainTrotter Arts is hosting a Holiday Pop-Up Market, which is a handcrafted marketplace and West Main Holiday Celebration. We are pleased to announce that a variety of local businesses are participating in this event, including Radford Coffee Company, Brick House Pizza, Community Life Church, and the Levy Garden. Set for December 15th from 12:30-4:30pm, the Holiday Pop-Up Market will host 13 local hand-crafted artisans, Bobcat Backpacks donation station, live music, photography sessions, and free photos with Santa.

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