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We are proud to announce that MountainTrotter Arts is taking the Community Wellness Commitment Our non-profit organization has a strong relationship with our community and creates a variety of public events and activities - we value the health and safety of our patrons and visitors, and are excited to be part of Be Committed. Be Well.


Some of our regularly scheduled events, such as the Craft & Draft Festival scheduled for October, will now take place virtually. For any of our events that will still be held in person, such as Pandemic Perspectives and The Radford Farmers Market, we will encourage the Community Wellness Commitment by: creating physical signage to be displayed, encouraging the commitment via social media, and practicing the commitment ourselves to be good role models & examples. READ OUR RESOLUTION HERE


We, MountainTrotter Arts, have it as part of our mission to practice and help foster inclusivity in the community. We host programs for the community to welcome people from across our area and to participate in a communal sense of camaraderie. We will continue to practice and show our community that all are welcome and can feel safe.

Art has the power to be a universal language – it does not discriminate against your background, gender, religion or race. It reminds us that although we are different, we are all human. Art reminds us of our history and educates us on other’s histories. From millions of years ago and every day since, art tells stories, from every walk of life.

To quote the New Haven Arts Council, “We cannot, in good conscience, be silent any longer. We hope many of our colleagues, member organizations, and artists will do the same.”  They go on to say that “We challenge and invite you to rethink what true diversity, transformative equality, and radical inclusion looks like in your offices, classrooms, studios, and on your stages. Even, and especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic, your creativity, resources, and power are needed to imagine a future where our Black and Brown sisters and brothers are truly free.”

There are many resources currently available on how we as a nation can play our part to end racism. Education is one of those ways. The National Museum of African American History and Culture has created an online resource, which provides online exercises, instructions, and articles tailored for educators, parents, caregivers and individuals committed to racial equality.


Our organization, MountainTrotter Arts, supports peaceful protesters, activists, and leaders during this fight against systemic racism and we will continue to promote equality for all people while standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Our mission is to promote the arts and create opportunities for artists, makers, and creators of all types in our mountain community.

We do this by facilitating arts-related events and collaborating with other organizations to enrich and educate the community while making the arts accessible for all. MountainTrotter Arts is committed to inclusivity and building bridges within our community. We maintain these connections by being fiscally, environmentally, and organizationally sustainable while giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Events and programming are designed to enhance the quality of life and economic development in the New River Valley, and to build the organization to provide space and service for arts and artists.